Learning Objectives

Dear Professors,

Currently, the developed M3 Insight University Program curriculum mainly focuses on developing an understanding of hotel metrics (e.g. ADR, Occupancy, RevPAR), hotel business analytical and critical thinking skills. The learning objectives of this project include navigating the system, running different types of reports, defining and calculating main hotel performance indicators, analyzing competitive sets and many more.


M3 Insight Introduction


  • Access the M3 Insight business intelligence system,

  • Demonstrate basic navigation skills in the M3Link,

  • Define a branded hotel ,

  • Define a full service hotel,

  • Define an extended stay hotel.

Hotel Revenue Metrics


  • Define hotel industry indicators: ADR, OCC, RevPAR,

  • Calculate ADR, OCC, RevPAR,

  • Discuss the interrelationship of ADR, OCC, RevPAR,

  • Obtain hotel indicators data in M3 Insight

F&B Metrics


  • Explain the contribution of F&B outlets to the hotel’s

  • revenue generation,

  • Name different types of F&B revenue generating centers in

  • a full service hotel,

  • Generate revenue analysis based on the F&B sales,

  • Use the analysis to make recommendations about improving

  • F&B operations at a hotel.

Competitive Set Analysis


  • Explain the value of competitive set analysis,

  • Calculate competitive set indices,

  • Use indices for competitive set analysis.

Forecasting & Displacement


  • Explain the value of historical data for creating forecasts,

  • Calculate a rolling average for a specified trailing period,

  • Generate revenue forecast based on the rolling averages,

  • Use the forecast and displacement analysis to make a decision about accepting or rejecting a piece of business.



  • Explain the importance of estimating no-shows for a

  • lodging property,

  • Calculate occurrences of no-shows and no-shows rate for

  • a particular day of the week,

  • Calculate the overbooking ratio,

  • Make decisions about hotel room overbooking based on the

  • no-show analysis and overbooking ratio.

Group Reservation


– Create a group reservation,
– Pick-up the rooms in the reservation,
– Charge incidentals for individual expenses,
– Create a bill to the group (master bill),
– Check-out the group.

Travel Agency Reservation


– Create a travel agency,
– Make a reservation through that travel agency,
– Check-in,
– Post charges,
– Void charges,
– Apply a discount,
– Check-out,
– Make sure that the travel agency’s commission is processed.