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Dear Students,

Exercises are developed as a part of the innRoad University Program in order for you to learn the innRoad hotel property management system. Every exercise provides you with a real life scenario that you need to solve using innRoad. In order to assist you in your learning, all exercises come with step-by-step instructions that demonstrate how to complete the exercise. Exercises give you an opportunity to try the system and build your knowledge. After completing an exercise, you should be able to solve a similar scenario on your own.

Browser compatibility: the recommended browsers for innRoad are Chrome, Edge, and Safari. You may download Chrome for free. innRoad may run on other browsers, although some functions may not work.

Before you begin, please watch this important Introduction video and locate the innRoad log-in instructions provided by your professor.

Please do not contact innRoad for questions. For questions about subscriptions, account access and log in issues feel free to contact innRoad University Support at



Available for Download

Exercise # 1

Room Availability

Exercise # 2

Basic Reservation

Exercise # 3

Intermediate Reservation Part I

Exercise # 4

Intermediate Reservation Part II

Exercise # 5

Advanced Reservation Part I

Exercise # 6

Advanced Reservation Part II

Exercise # 7

Group Reservation

Exercise # 8

Travel Agency Reservation

Exercise # 9